Legae English Medium School has a long tradition of awards that are given for outstanding performance in Academics, Sports and the Arts.

Students are rewarded for achievement, dedication, commitment and excellence.

School Colours

School Colours are awarded to students in the Upper School (Standards Five, Six and Seven) who achieve a high standard of academic, sporting, or artistic performance and represent the School on a regular basis.


A metal badge they can wear on their uniform if they achieve full colours.

Colour System

  •   Academic: Gold
  •   Music:Silver
  •   Drama: Bronze
  •   Sports:
 Sport Colour 
Athletics White
Basketball  Turquoise
Cross Country  Yellow
Football Grey
Netball Black
Softball Magenta
Swimming Lilac
Tennis Orange
Chess Blue
Fencing Green

Criteria for Colours in Academics

  •   Position 1, 2, or 3 in each of the Monthly Tests throughout the year, and the Mid-Year and End of Year exams. 
  •   Outstanding representations in Academics

Criteria for Colours in Sport

  •   Membership of a School Sports Team.
  •   Exemplary sporting conduct throughout the year.
  •   Fixtures honoured and attended throughout the season.
  •   Commitment to weekly training throughout the season.
  •   Outstanding representation in a School sport (position 1,2,3).

Criteria for Colours in Music

  •   Membership of a School Music club or ensemble.
  •   Exemplary conduct throughout the year.
  •   Rehearsals and events honoured and attended throughout the year.
  •   Commitment to weekly practise throughout the year.
  •   Outstanding representation in a Music (ranking 1,2,3 or commendation)

Criteria for Colours in Drama

  •    Membership of a School Drama club or cast.
  •   Exemplary conduct throughout the year.
  •   Rehearsals and events honoured and attended throughout the year.
  •   Commitment to weekly practise throughout the year.
  •   Outstanding representation in Drama (ranking 1,2,3 or commendation).


Blazers are worn by all Upper School students (Standard Five, Six and Seven students).

All those who receive colours wear their badges on their blazer.

Prefects, Head Girl, Head Boy, Librarians and House Captains wear their badges on their blazers.


Prefects, Head Girl, Head Boy, House Captains are chosen from the Standard Seven students.

House Captains are chosen from the Standard Seven students unless there is no House represented, then the students can be chosen from Standards Five and Six respectively.

Class Monitors

  •    Each year two Class Monitors are chosen.
  •    These monitors assist the teacher and are given special duties in the Class


  •   Each year Librarians are selected by the Librarian to be trained in Library skills and assist in the school Library.

The Trophies System

The House Winners Shield

Awarded to the winning House at the end of the School Year-engraved with the Winning House name.

This shield is won by adding up all the house points won throughout the year. The House with the highest total wins.

The House Winners Soaring Eagle Trophy

Awarded to the winning House at the end of the School Year as a Floating Trophy.

The year winners have the trophy for that year.

The Violet Hamilton Trophy

Awarded to a Teacher for outstanding service to the School.

A shortlist of staff will be forwarded to Mrs Hamilton according to the following criteria:

a.      Academic-overall average achievement of the class for the year should be 80% A grades and above.

b.     Afternoon programme-outstanding contribution to the afternoon programme at the school.

c.      Service-outstanding contribution to service either through the School Outreach Programme or voluntary work done in the community on behalf of the School.

d.     School Culture-outstanding contribution to school culture in terms of promoting teamwork, academic achievement, sporting achievement, achievement in the arts, Continuing Professional Development.

 The Dr O’ Connell Trophy

Awarded to a student in Standard Seven for Outstanding Academic Performance.

The criteria for this trophy is:

a.      All marks recorded throughout the year for monthly tests and the mid-year and end of year examinations are totalled and must be the highest in the year group.

b.     The average of these marks must add up to 85% and above.

c.      If there is no student who conforms to the above criteria, then the trophy will not be awarded.

 The Legae Trophy

Awarded to a student in Standard Seven for the Most Improvement in Academics.

The criteria for this trophy is:

a.      The biggest improvement in overall percentage throughout the year.

b.     Consistent commitment and diligence to improve performance.

The Legae Arts Trophy

Awarded to a student in Standard Six for outstanding performance in the Arts.

The criteria for this trophy is:

a.      Represented the School in an Arts activity.

b.     Shown excellence in either Fine Art, Drama, Music, or Performing Arts.

c.      Performed a lead role in the End of Year Concerts.

The Legae Sport Trophy

Three trophies are awarded; one to a girl and one to a boy, in Standard Seven, for outstanding performance in sports, and one for the overall top sportsperson in the school.

The criteria for this trophy is: 

a.      Representation of the School in a Sporting capacity.

b.     Outstanding performance in one or more sport. 

The awards are given by a committee comprising of the Board Governors (where they are awarding), the Managing Director, the Headteacher, the Deputy Head Teacher and the Deputy Head Pastoral. 

The House System is a traditional feature of schools in the English-speaking world, particularly in Commonwealth countries.

The school is divided into sub-units called 'Houses' and each student is allocated to one House at the moment of the enrolment. Once a pupil has been allocated to a House, they stay with that House as they move up through the year groups.

Houses compete with one another at sports, academics, behaviour and service. Sports day, debating, competitions, charity drives are organised along inter-house lines.

Merit points for behaviour and academic achievement are totalled up for comparison between houses and at the end of each Term the House with the winning points, wins the House Cup. Each house has a name and its own symbol/ logo, colours and motto. 

Each House also has a Captain and a Vice-Captain, and a Housemaster or Housemistress. At Legae English Medium School every child belongs to a House. The House is aligned to their class and class colour.

Name of House





Tau House




Nare House




Tlou House









Procedure for electing a House Captain and Vice-Captain

  • 1. The posts of House Captain and Vice-Captain are only open to STD 7 students.
  • 2. Any student that wishes to run for election must first campaign. They will be given two weeks to campaign for their position and should be given guidance by their class teacher on how to do this.
  • 3. Each student that wants to run for election must deliver a two-minute speech to their House, at the designated meeting. They must outline why they should be chosen and what they will do if they are elected.
  • 4. After the speeches have been delivered the school votes for the student they would like as Captain and House Captain. This is done in class. Teachers then tally the numbers and forward the results to the Headteacher’s Office. Results are added up from each class and names arrived at.
  • 5. Results of the House Captain and Vice-Captain will be announced in the following Assembly.
  • 6. Once elected, the Captain and Vice-Captain are responsible for looking after their House, helping to organise events, assisting the Housemaster/Housemistress and generally working to keep up House spirit, and encourage House members to do their best.
  • 7. House Captains and Vice-Captains hold their post for one year. Each year a new Captain and Vice are elected.
  • 8. Elections take place by mid-February of each year.