Children are encouraged to learn from firsthand experience how to work as individuals as well as in groups. The school provides a stimulating environment inside and outside the classroom to motivate children to make the most of their abilities. Integrated topic work and projects are used to make learning interesting and bring the different areas of the curriculum together. Alongside this work, a carefully structured scheme of language and numerical skills is provided.

In order for children to reach their full potential it is essential that they learn to be responsible, mature and independent members of the school community. This is why discipline is held with such high regard within the school, and the part played by parents cannot be over stressed. 

Children of today face many temptations and dangers. The school hopes to help our young learners understand the world they will encounter as adolescents and be aware of the importance of family values, planning for the future, and that there are always consequences to the actions we take. Towards this aim, the school has introduced ‘Family Life Education’ and a Guidance and Counseling period for the standard six and seven children. Teachers are also encouraged to offer counseling to the children who have problems or difficulties of either an academic or personal nature. 

In all these areas we regard the welfare and academic progress of our students as a joint responsibility between the parents of our students and the teachers of the school. Together we can help our ‘young birds’ to develop academically, emotionally and socially to fly into a successful future!