‘Legae’ is the Setswana word for ‘home.’ Both Legae English Medium School (Primary) and Leage Academy (Secondary) are committed to providing a safe, secure and caring environment which promotes a culture of learning and prepares well educated, morally upright and socially responsible individuals.

The Legae logo shows young birds being reared in their nest. The Legae motto, ‘Every Child is Yours’ reflects the indigenous tradition in Botswana that all members of a community have a collective responsibility in moulding the next generation.


Legae English Medium School wants to consistently achieve an excellent pass rate in our Cambridge Assessment International Curriculum, while fostering the holistic development of our students.


To pursue excellence in academic, moral and physical education.

At Legae it is recognised that all students are blessed with a mixture of scholastic and other abilities that can be best maximised through educational approaches that promote self-learning, and that are complemented by co-curricular and sporting activities.

In partnership with the parents and the community, the school strives to foster in each student the ability to achieve their full potential.

This school strives to impart quality education in order to prepare students for higher learning, and to be responsible citizens with good social and moral values. Legae English Medium School wants to sustain its reputation for providing quality education at affordable fees.

Foreword from the Founder-Mrs Violet Hamilton

During the 1980s I was approached by an English lady, an ex-Deputy Head of both the only existing private English Medium Schools at that time: Northside and Thornhill. She wished to open an English Medium School, but required land and/or premises near the city. I had land, but this had to be developed, and permission to build a school first had to be obtained. I was hesitant about this, as I had no qualifications in Education; but she offered to run the establishment for me.

When taking into consideration the benefits our children would receive from an English Medium School, I accepted. The two English Medium Schools that existed only admitted expatriate children, as places had to be reserved for recruited Government staff.

English, at that time, was only taught from Standard Four in Government Schools, which resulted in our children being disadvantaged in the workforce, as they could not master the official language of the land. 

It was not easy to register a Private School at the time, but after a struggle Legae English Medium School was registered. Leage English Medium School is open to children of all races and nationalities and no reservations are made. Children are admitted on a first come basis

Legae English Medium School was founded in 1983 by Mrs Violet Hamilton. It is governed by a Board of Governors, which comprises of Mrs Hamilton as the Founder, retired Chairperson and current member, the Chairperson, the Managing Director, other Directors and their nominees, a representative from the Ministry of Education, The PTA Representative, The Head Teacher.

The School is administered by the Administration Manager, assisted by the Bursar, Cashier and administrative support staff.

The Educational Management of the school is undertaken by the Head Teacher assisted by the Deputy Head Academic and the Head of streams.

The School has a maximum of 800 students from Standard 1-7, with three to four classes in each Standard.